QDE-631NFC-2 is EMV RF Level 1 certified NFC contactless card interface device, designed for payment system. It shows stable & high performance, fully interoperable with other devices such as POS and ECR system. It supports RS232 communication.

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EMV-POS-Leser QDE-631NFC-2



- Easy integration with POS and ECR systems for   various applications
- Supports multiple transactions; ISO14443 A/B,

  Mifare, DESFire, FeliCa, ISO 18092 (NFC).

- Easily upgradeable download of the latest firmware.

- NFC-enable to provide even more payment   opportunities suc as mobile wallets.


CPU ARM Cortes-M3
Host Communication USB 2.0 Sonderanfertigung
Host Communication RS 232 vorhanden
Host Protocol Proprietary (RS232) vorhanden
ISO14443 type A/B vorhanden
ISO18092 (NFC) vorhanden
Mifare® vorhanden
DESFire® vorhanden
FeliCa™ vorhanden
Input Power Adapter DC 7.5 ~ 24V
(12V recommendable)
SAM Interface default 4 SAM slots (SIM type)
ISO7816, T=0, T=1
Program Memory 256 KBytes Flash / max. 8MB
Data Memory 48 KBytes SRAM / max. 2MB
Card Speed 106 / 212 / 424 / 848 Kbps vorhanden
Antenna internal vorhanden
Display 4 Status LED, 128*64 Graphic LCD
Buzzer Magnetic Buzzer
Temper Function Key Protection
Dimension (mm) 95 x 138 x 20
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 60 °C
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS complaint