QDE-ABM6 is low-priced model with key-functions.
It has both Internal/external antenna supportive module which supports ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare and ISO 15693.
It is a smallest size with key-functions for Door lock / Cabinet lock/ e-Document manage system and any type of small devices.

Sector Software Driver Supportive O/S
Default Proprietary   CCID Driver Microsoft XP, Vista, Win7

Hier können kostenlos Spezifikationen angefordert werden,
sowie SDK (Testsoftware)





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RFID-Einbaumodul, QDE-ABM6


- Built in Antenna
- Full Support of ISO 14443 A/B Part 1 ~ Part 4
- Support Highter Speed of ISO14443 up to 848Kbps
- Support ISO15693
- SupportPC/SC Version, Propriertary Version
- Firmware Downloadable Function
- SDK Available with Sample source
- RoHS compliant


CPU STM8S (16Mhz)
Host Communication RS232 vorhanden
Host Communication TTL-Async Sonderanfertigung
Host Protocol Proprietary (RS232) vorhanden
Host Protocol Proprietary (TTL) vorhanden
 ISO14443 type A/B vorhanden
Mifare® vorhanden
DESFire® vorhanden
ISO15693 vorhanden
ICODE (ISO 15693) vorhanden
Input Power DC 5V, 150~200mA
Program Memory 32 KBytes Flash
Data Memory 2 KBytes SRAM
Card Speed 106 / 212 / 424 / 848 Kbps vorhanden
Antenna internal vorhanden
Antenna external nicht im Lieferumfang
Dimension (mm) 43,5 x 32 x 8
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Certifications RoHS compliant
Reading Distance Up to 4 cm